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The Female Lead is a small highly motivated team that exists to help shape a fairer and more equal society for women, in work and in life.

We are independent, inclusive and innovative.

We do not tell others what to do, but we provide a platform where women can share their stories and wisdom with each other. We amplify the voices of successful women that we think our audience will resonate with.

Our Founders are data savvy, using their background to understand the challenges women are still facing today. 

We use our digital capabilities to share high quality resources - for free - to millions of people around the world.


"Our ambition is that one day, girls and boys will be able to spontaneously name a woman who they admire - in every field of work."

Edwina Dunn, Founder of The Female Lead


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"It's time to stop talking about the problem, and start talking about the change"


"You can't solve the problem unless you understand it. For that you need evidence of change"

Our purpose

We are a community-led movement with a mission to grow the economic value of women by breaking the societal cycle of gender roles.

The problem

Women are still not equal members of society due to a complex myriad of gendered roles and stereotypes.

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The consequence a $6 trillion gap in untapped GDP of women’s economic value for the global economy.

Our solution: We aim to break the cycle

01 Reveal to Educate

We listen. Through collecting data and evidence to show the diversity and commonality of what actually matters by giving women a voice.

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02 Connect to Empower

Empowering women to take the lead. Connecting women at every age and every stage…

Our tools reveal what women truly care about, so we can connect them to the right content to empower their path and positively impact their lives.

We help the next generation of girls find their future path based on their passions and strengths.

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03 Impact to Change

The power of our community has created a movement that government, businesses and schools cannot ignore.

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